I’ve always struggled with embracing my Voluptuous shape, but being as Extra as I am, I had no other option but to show out.  But showing out comes with lots of frustrations at times, like your size not being available in an outfit you love or feeling like you need to find clothes to cover parts of your body that you dislike.  Feeling limited because of my size, pushed me to be more creative with my wardrobe choices.  However, sometimes you just realize that no matter what you look like, no matter your circumstances and no matter what limitations you may face, YOU ARE STILL DESTINED TO DO GREAT THINGS!

Shortly after having a very difficult fibroid surgery in January 2019, I had to model some items from the Kurvy Kollection section at Beezfly Closet Boutique.  Feeling very reluctant about modeling due to all the swelling I experienced, I had to get creative and come up with an idea to cover my big belly and that’s when the ‘Blinged Brooch Fanny Pack” got birthed. 

Being a 16-year Cancer survivor, you realize that if God brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it.  So even during a Worldwide Pandemic, God allowed my passion for people, fashion and bling to turn into what I call Destined By DPT. 



Danielle DPT Thompson